Kodiak Island Resources & Links


Government & Land Agencies:

Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge

We are fortunate to hunt on the 1.9 million acre Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge which was established in 1941 “for the purpose of protecting the natural feeding and breeding range of the brown bears and other wildlife on Uganik and Kodiak Islands.” You will learn all about the history and management of the refuge while on your hunt, find out more info now on this link.

Alaska Department of Fish & Game

The Alaska Department of Fish & Game manages the wildlife and hunting within the State of Alaska. Kodiak Island is Game Unit 8.Their website has most of the information you need for your trip to Alaska. Go under the “hunting” heading to purchase hunting licenses and to apply for the Mountain Goat permit drawing.


KONIAG Native Corp

Koniag, Inc. is one of the large Native corporation landholders on Kodiak Island. We are fully permitted to hunt their lands within our guide areas and work with them to help manage their lands.

Kodiak Visitor Resources:


Check out the current Kodiak weather, including the webcams! You will get to see plenty of “weather” on your trip, with an occasional delay in plans, but it rarely slows us down as we’re prepared to operate in it.

Kodiak Island Convention and Visitor’s Bureau

The Kodiak Island Convention and Visitor’s Bureau has information on all aspects of the City of Kodiak as well as the rest of the Island. Check out the maps of town and other things to see and do.

Baranov Museum

The Baranov Museum covers all aspects of Kodiak’s history; from the Alutiiq people to the Russian arrival in the 1700’s, through the American purchase and development of the commercial fishing industry. A must see while in Kodiak.

Alutiiq Museum

The Alutiiq people have inhabited the Island for over 7000 years. The Alutiiq museum is rich in history and information of their lifestyle. We will show and share more information with you about the Alutiiq people while on your trip.

Kodiak Brown Bear Trust

The Kodiak Brown Bear Trust is a non-government trust fund set up to support Bear Conservation on the Kodiak Islands. Please check out their website and consider making a donation support our Kodiak Bears!

Quartz Creek Lodge

Quartz Creek Lodge is owned and operated by David and Pam Pingree and their family. We operate some of our hunts out of the lodge, so hopefully you will have the opportunity to see a truly unique and special place and meet these wonderful people. Please check out their fishing and wildlife viewing trips!

Big Timber Lodge

Big Timber Lodge is owned and operated by Lee and Lucinda Neel and located on Raspberry Island, immediately adjacent to Kodiak Island. Another special place and wonderful people, please check out their fishing trips for one of your future adventures to the Great Land!

Travel Resources: