Kodiak Island is fortunate to have an extremely healthy and growing Mountain Goat population. The Island currently issues 500 permits annually, divided among 9 Mountain Goat areas, and has an annual harvest of approximately 180 Mountain Goats , nearly double the next highest area in the state.

Kodiak Mountain Goat hunts are currently drawing and registration hunt with the application deadline being December 16th and the drawing results published in early February. We will help you take care of all necessary paperwork. You are allowed to apply for three hunt areas, and in doing so, have approximately a 20% chance of drawing. 

Hunt in truly awesome country, atop our majestic mountains overlooking the many bays that dissect the Island. We are fortunate to be able to access this country from mountain lakes avoiding the thicker vegetation of the lower altitudes, making it one of the easier Mountain Goat hunts offered in Alaska.

Kodiak Outdoor Adventures offers a 9 day Mountain Goat hunt, 7 days of hunting and two for travel, and it can be combined with Sitka Blacktail Deer and our Kodiak game bird, the Ptarmigan. We again normally operate with two guides per hunter, making for one of the safest and most enjoyable and productive Mountain Goat hunts possible.