Spend January in Alaska hunting waterfowl! With waters tempered by the Japanese current, Kodiak is the wintering area for numerous species of seaducks and puddle ducks.  We offer a limited number of customized hunts for serious collectors and artists looking for high quality full plumage birds. Please contact us for more details and to discuss the hunt!

Species available are: Sea Ducks: 
Long Tail (Old Squaw)    
White Winged Scoter  
Surf Scoter     
Common (Black) Scoter 
Red Breasted Merganzer   
American (Common) Merganzer
King Eider (Limited)
Common (Pacific) Eider (Limited)

Puddle Ducks
Barrow’s Goldeneye
Common Goldeneye
Greater Scaup
American Widgeon  
Eurasion Widgeon (Occasionally)
Greenwing Teal